End of my first year

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today is a day that marked the end of my first year of university life and it gave me a feeling that it is just a day back when I had finished my foundation. Taking a degree course, I was first expecting to have much free time and more relax than secondary school life or even foundation life and I am actually looking forward to it. However, when I actually went through my degree, it is totally different from what I am wishing and hoping long ago. My first year life is quite torturing and I have always been buried by lab reports and assignments in which some of them the marks is inversely proportional to the efforts that I have put much into it, making me overwhelmed by disappointments whenever I got back my work. Apart from that, I am trying my best to put in more interests towards biology field during my first year. I always had a feeling that biology does not suit me at all as I am weak in 'conquering' them. My confidence level towards my studies is dropping particularly because of biology which sometimes make me pissed off. Biology is always not the first choice for me to be involved in in my future life but I have now stepped into it and can't let go of it. Thus, I have no choice but try my best to befriend with it, hoping that I can go through my second and third year smoothly.
Coming to the end of my first year, just like everyone hoping for, I wish my results for this semester will be better than my first semester especially my biology. In this first year, the most memorable thing should be the first 0 for my assignment. I have never got zero for even a small test and it really happened to me during my tertiary school life, what a pity yet exciting moment for me (should I hate myself for feeling excited when zero mark came into my hands??? LOL LOL LOL). I am optimistic enough though to treat that as a complement as I would never gt less than zero again, sounds ridiculous but at least I feel the comfort when I got zero.
Take it as a complement when things do not meet your expectations, take it as an encouragement when things do came out with what you are expecting